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A Practical Mosquito Prevention Guide For Your Fort Myers Yard

September 17, 2022

Nothing is worse than being in your yard and unknowingly walking into a scourge of mosquitoes. You almost feel like a prisoner in your own home when the simple pleasure of enjoying your property gets ruined by pests that won’t go away. What's worse is enduring the painful and swollen bumps mosquito bites leave behind. It's difficult not to become obsessed with thinking about how to rid the yard of mosquitoes.

Fortunately, at Stat Pest Control, we deliver the most advanced and effective pest control in Fort Myers to wipe out mosquitoes in or around your home. These biting insects have no place on your property, especially considering their potential to carry and transmit dangerous diseases. Our team is armed and ready to defend your home from these insects, restoring your peace and comfort. Read on to learn more about these pests and the best mosquito control methods to keep them away.

Mosquitoes: Habits And Behaviors Of The Little Fly 

In case you didn’t know, mosquito means ‘little fly’ in Portuguese or Spanish. These tiny insects need water to survive and reproduce. Mosquitoes breed in standing and stagnant water, such as storm drains, old tires, rain gutters, bird baths, buckets, children’s wading pools, ponds, and puddles. They are most active when the weather isn't as hot, usually around dusk, dawn, and nighttime. Only female mosquitoes bite as they require a blood meal to reproduce and can consume three times their weight in blood in one feeding. 

If you're experiencing mosquitoes on your property, contact a professional mosquito control company for further assistance.

Itchy Bites, Allergic Reactions, And Dangerous Diseases 

One of the most uncomfortable issues to experience is the never-ending itchiness mosquito bites cause. No matter their size, mosquito bite bumps can cause tenderness, pain, and an incessant need to scratch them, leading to more irritation. The reason for the itch is your body reacting to the mosquito’s saliva. Your immune system kicks in, producing histamines that cause increased blood flow, triggering the nerves to itch. But that's not all of the issues mosquitoes cause. Some people may experience serious allergic reactions to the proteins in mosquito saliva. Severe symptoms could include more extensive areas of swelling and itching, blistering, developing hives, or having trouble breathing. Seek immediate medical attention if your symptoms persist or get worse.

Mosquitoes can carry a multitude of dangerous diseases as well. Those illnesses include dengue fever, West Nile virus, malaria, chikungunya, and the Zika virus. So, taking precautions while outside is important to avoid getting bitten. Stay indoors during the worst time of day for mosquitoes, around sunrise, sunset, and at night.

Five Easy And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips  

Although it seems next to impossible because of their tiny size, you can take steps to prevent mosquitoes in your yard or inside your home effectively. All it takes is implementing a few measures or removing certain elements around your home that can drastically reduce the occurrence of these insects. Check out these five ways to cut down mosquito populations around your property:

  1. Disperse coffee grounds over standing water to destroy mosquito larvae.
  2. Eliminate any stagnant water on your property.
  3. Attach a drain to your planter boxes.
  4. Fill up your garden with plants and herbs that emit scents mosquitoes hate.
  5. Remove excess vegetation, like overgrown shrubbery and bushes.

Also, inspect your screens for holes, rips, and tears, and try to use an air conditioning system indoors, if possible. Not only does the cool air feel refreshing on a hot day, but the dry air repels mosquitoes and other pests that prefer humidity. 

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Your Home And Yard

With all of the do-it-yourself (DIY) methods and at-home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes, it’s no wonder so many people get confused about what works versus what's a waste of time. Today, consumers want to find the best deal or bang for their buck, which makes sense when dealing with issues that don't affect their health, safety, and peace of mind. But the one area you should never cut corners on is enlisting pest control professionals when faced with a pest invasion.

Since 2018, Stat Pest Control has been providing reliable and effective solutions that keep the properties of Fort Myers’ residents comfortable and safe. We understand the impact that an enduring pest infestation can cause. Our friendly and knowledgeable team possesses the resources, background, and tools of the trade to rid your property of different kinds of mosquitoes quickly. Reach out to us today to request your complimentary estimate.