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Don't Forget The WDO Inspection When Buying A Home In Fort Myers

January 01, 2023

It's important to have a WDO inspection when buying a home in the Fort Myers area; there are so many different things that can go wrong with homes in this area. From dampness and mold to termite infestation, you want to ensure that your new home is safe for you and your family and that it won't start falling apart on you right away. Professional pest control in Fort Myers can help you find out more about the condition of your prospective house.

What Does WDO Mean?

WDO stands for wood-destroying organisms. Wood-destroying organisms include insects, fungi, and other organisms that damage wood, and you can find them in homes, buildings, soil, and trees.

The most common wood-destroying organisms are termites and carpenter ants. Other wood-destroying organisms include powderpost beetles, lyctid borers, long-horned beetles, ambrosia beetles, flat-headed borers, and drywood termites.

A WDO inspection of your home or building can uncover evidence of termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Stat Pest Control, a local termite company, can determine the type of wood-destroying organism causing the problem during the inspection.

Problems Wood-Destroying Organisms Cause

 Wood-destroying organisms can cause several problems in a home or building: 

  • Structural damage. Drywood termites can cause significant structural damage, including roof framing and truss systems failure.
  • Health problems. Wood-destroying organisms are known to cause health problems, including respiratory problems and allergies in some people.
  • Financial problems: Because of the types of damage they create, wood-destroying organisms like termites can also lead to financial problems if not discovered in time. 

Wood-destroying organisms can also cause damage to furniture and other items made from wood, such as flooring and cabinets. The cost of repairs depends on the amount of damage and what kind of wood it is (hardwood or softwood).

Benefits Of Ordering A WDO Inspection Before A Home Purchase

The inspection report will be a detailed list of the problems identified during the inspection. This report presents your opportunity to review these issues, discuss them with your agent or real estate lawyer, and decide if they're deal-breakers for you.

Drywood termite damage on your Fort Myers property may not be immediately apparent, meaning you won't realize that you have a problem until there is damage. That is why a WDO inspection is so important. The inspection will allow you to catch the problem early on, saving you time, money, and frustration in the future.

A wood-destroying organism inspection is a great way to protect your investment and ensure you're not buying a home with hidden damage. It can also prevent unnecessary repairs later on down the road. Stat Pest Control offers both complete and limited WDO inspections for residential and commercial properties.

Why You Can Trust Stat Pest Control

The professionals at Stat Pest Control are the termite specialists for your Fort Myers property. We have been serving homeowners in the Fort Myers area for many years. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Our staff is well-versed in conducting thorough WDO inspections. You can trust Stat Pest Control to take care of your needs.

We know that wood-destroying organism inspections are a crucial step in the process of buying a home. The last thing you want to do is end up with a property that will cost more money and time to repair than it's worth. Our team at Stat Pest Control will make sure your home is free of any pests or damage before you move in so you can enjoy it for years to come.