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Mice Prevention Tips Worth Trying In Fort Myers

January 30, 2023

Sunny Fort Myers is a wonderful city in which to own your own home or business. Unfortunately, even Florida has its fair share of pests, and mice are no exception. For the best pest control in Fort Myers, call Stat Pest Control today.

Three Problems Mice Cause In Fort Myers

Despite their small size and timid demeanor, mice can be much more destructive than you would ever think. Here are three of the biggest problems that mice cause in Fort Myers:

  1. Health problems: Mice are notorious for causing health problems in humans through both direct and indirect contact. Mice can cause you to fall ill with hantavirus, plague, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), tularemia, salmonellosis, and many more diseases. 
  2. Property damage: Mice can damage your personal belongings, furniture, and even the structure of your home. Mice constantly chew to prevent their teeth from overgrowing, leaving you with repair bills of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 
  3. Wasting food: Mice can contaminate improperly stored food by simply chewing through the plastic, paper, or cardboard that the food has been stored in. Another significant problem that mice cause is contaminating food, causing you to either unknowingly consume it and become ill, or throw it away and end up wasting hundreds of dollars of food and beverages. 

Whether they're causing asthma and allergy attacks, costing you thousands of dollars in property damage, or just chewing through wires, the problems that come with mice should never be underestimated or taken lightly.

Most Common Signs Of Mice Infestations 

Your Fort Myers home or business has likely fallen victim to a mouse infestation if you have seen any of the following signs:

  • Contaminated food 
  • Ruined personal belongings
  • Mouse droppings 
  • Sounds of mice running or scratching 
  • The smell of rodent urine 
  • Gnaw marks or oily marks on floors, walls, and paper 

Stat Pest Control is here to help you if you've spotted one or more of these mouse infestation signs. 

Mini-Guide To Mice Prevention

If you believe you have a mouse infestation on your property, it is likely due to attractive food and water sources nearby, open and available entry points, and places where mice feel that they can nest undisturbed. No matter what Here is a handy mini-guide with an abundance of mice prevention tips to follow:

  • Immediately close all cracks and openings around your home to prevent initial entry and re-entry.
  • Remove all clutter, including piles of debris, leaves, or mulch scattered around the perimeter of your home.
  • Ensure that all food remains properly stored in plastic containers with tight lids.
  • Always clean up after yourself right away, including in the kitchen, after cooking, and when dirty dishes begin to pile. 
  • Remove all outdoor bird feeders.
  • Never leave unattended pet food or water in bowls, especially overnight.

Be sure to act quickly and obtain mouse control if you believe your home is suffering from a mice infestation. Time is of the essence when dealing with these rapidly breeding pests.

Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control In Fort Myers

Do you suspect that one or more mice are scattering around in your home? If you believe that your Fort Myers property is under attack, there's only one foolproof way to eradicate mice once and for all.

While you may be tempted to use bait and traps to capture and kill mice, these methods are highly ineffective for a variety of reasons. When it comes to mouse pest control, no matter how small or large the infestation may be, your best bet is to leave the experts in charge of eradicating the mice. 

Here are just a few of the benefits that come with hiring professional rodent control:

  1. You'll avoid the risk of you or your loved ones getting sick.
  2. We treat you like family, always.
  3. You'll be prepared year-round with pest control services.
  4. We can find and eliminate the source of the infestation.
  5. We'll accurately identify the species of pests.
  6. We always respond quickly.
  7. Our effective mouse control services will put an end to your infestation.

What are you waiting for? Give Stat Pest Control a call today. All of our products are confirmed to be safe for pets and children. Empathy is at the core of each and every one of our actions, and we show it every time our technicians meet with our clients to perform quality service.  

If you want quality service where you are consistently treated like a priority, give us a call at Stat Pest Control. Our mission is to make every employee and customer feel like family. Give us a chance to show you why we're all you need when it comes to eradicating mice for good.