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Take Your Fort Myers Yard Back From Mosquitoes This Year

March 01, 2023

If you find yourself battling against swarms of mosquitoes year after year despite spending countless dollars on repellent products, there could be a deeper issue at play. You may need our Fort Myers pest control to retake your yard from these pests. Read on to learn more about mosquito infestations, and contact Stat Pest Control to know what we can do for you!

The Role Mosquitoes Play In The Ecosystem 

Every living thing, even mosquitoes, plays a role in maintaining the planet's ecosystem. And while our relationship with these pests is uncomfortable at best, they're crucial to the world around us.

First and foremost, mosquitoes are food for several animals, including amphibians, bats, other insects, and some birds. For many, mosquitoes are the go-to food source because they're so easy to access in standing water. They're also pollinators, though not as prolific as bees. 

If mosquitoes went extinct, the consequences would be dire. Still, that's no reason to let them run rampant on your property. Instead, call our Stat Pest Control team for prompt mosquito control service.

The Many Ways Mosquitoes Can Ruin Your Outdoor Space

Mosquitoes are well-known for turning outdoor gatherings into miserable experiences. While the itching their bites cause is undoubtedly annoying, the threat mosquitoes pose is much more severe than that. They are the deadliest animal on the planet.

Mosquitoes are incredible disease vectors. They have the capacity to carry infected blood from human to human. What's more, changes to the Earth's climate and mosquito habitats are forcing them to travel farther as years go by. As a result, diseases once utterly foreign to the United States are becoming more common. While most of us have mild allergic reactions to these bites, some of these illnesses are deadly.

Here's a brief list of diseases you can get from mosquitoes:

  • West Nile 
  • Zika
  • Yellow fever
  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • Malaria

Mosquito-borne diseases are responsible for nearly one million deaths every year. Rather than take a "wait and see" attitude, or try to fight the problem yourself, the best thing to do is call on our Stat Pest Control technicians to rid your property of mosquitoes. From inspection to treatment, your safety is our first priority.

How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Yard?

Once you've rid yourself of mosquitoes, the next step is to keep them away. These measures are simple enough to enact without special training or equipment. When planning your next outdoor event, remember these tricks to keep mosquitoes away:

  • Hang bug zappers in the areas where you are most active. These devices are tried and true methods for eliminating all sorts of flying pests, including mosquitoes. 
  • Remove standing water from your property. Mosquitoes use such water sources for breeding. Anything from a pool to a watering can could be a birthing pod for mosquitoes. 
  • Keep your lawn trimmed short. Mosquitoes love overgrown plants for their shade and protection. 
  • Light some candles or torches. Smoke is an excellent mosquito repellent. You don't need to use scented candles.

If you want more tips to repel mosquitoes, we're happy to help. Our Stat Pest Control team will gladly give you the knowledge to prevent future pest problems.

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Your Yard

The best way to control mosquitoes in your yard is to rely on the hard work and experience of the Stat Pest Control team. We're proud to be part of the Fort Myers community and strive to treat every customer like family in all that we do. If you want a pest control team that listens to and understands your concerns, give us a call. Once we've worked together to solve your pest problems, you'll see why we're the best in the area.