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The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation In Your Fort Myers Home

February 28, 2023

Fleas are among the most common parasites in the United States, so much so that you can expect to encounter them at least once. Unfortunately, due to their small stature, fleas enter Fort Myers homes undetected, only making their presence known once their population explodes into an infestation. As the leading Fort Myers pest control company, we want to prepare you for what to expect if you ever find yourself a victim of a flea infestation.

The Stat Pest Control team knows all the ins and outs of flea behavior. Keep reading to discover these things for yourself and learn how to fight these irritating pests properly. Then, when you're ready for proper flea control, don't hesitate to call us!

Identifying A Flea Infestation

What does it look like when fleas overtake your home? Believe it or not, the signs can be subtle, especially in the early stages. So keep your eyes peeled for these signs that fleas are taking over your home:

  • You find flea bites on humans: Despite being the most obvious sign, it's also the most overlooked. Flea bite marks look similar to mosquito bites and get dismissed as such. However, the irritation they cause lasts much longer (up to two weeks).
  • You discover flea dirt on your pets, carpet, and furniture: Flea dirt is actually the bug's feces. It appears in groups of tiny specks and has a reddish-black appearance.
  • You can see flea eggs in the fibers of your rug or carpet: Though small, you can see flea eggs without any special equipment. Just get close to the carpet and part the fibers. Flea eggs are round in shape and white in color.

If you're having trouble confirming the presence of fleas in your Fort Myers home, don't fret! Instead, call our experts for a professional opinion. We even offer free inspections and estimates. 

Fleas Are A Health Hazard To Both People And Pets

On their own, fleas are a nuisance to humans. Their saliva causes skin irritation that can last for weeks, and itching flea bites can create open wounds, opening the door for infection. Pets commonly have flea allergies that cause them to scratch themselves bald and bloody.

However, fleas can pose significant health threats to people if they feed on other hosts. If a flea has previously fed on rats, for example, it can transfer the diseases that the pest carried and infect its next meal. Fleas are known to spread plague and parasites in this way.

Once you find flea bite marks on yourself or your pets, don't waste another moment. The sooner you get an inspection from Stat Pest Control, the sooner we can remove the infestation and its dangers. In addition, we offer same-day service to help protect your home and family.

Best Way To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation

There are a lot of products available that can kill fleas, and many of them are readily available to homeowners. But the problem with fighting an infestation is that if you miss even one flea, the cycle will repeat itself. By attempting to treat fleas yourself, you'll spend more money for inferior results.

The best way to rid your home of fleas is to call on professional pest control services. Stat Pest Control will work fast to provide effective and safe flea solutions unique to your needs. Put your faith in us, and we'll show you the best flea control services in Southwest Florida.

Effective Tips To Prevent Future Flea Problems In Your Home

Of course, once we've cleared your home of any infestation, the next step is to prevent another one from occurring. We'll work with you to identify elements in your home that could invite fleas back and show you how to eliminate them. Follow these tips to start building a solid flea defense:

  • Tame your yard: Before they move into your home, fleas will usually find a well-protected spot in your yard to nest. Keep your lawn trimmed and manage your bushes and trees to nix these hiding spots. 
  • Regularly vacuum carpets and rugs: The topology of your carpet gives fleas plenty of nooks and crannies to help keep themselves hidden. Frequent vacuuming can stop an infestation from taking hold by sucking up fleas and eggs in the early stages. 
  • Check your clothes for fleas before returning inside: Fleas will stow away in the folds of your clothes and hitch a ride right through your front door. Give yourself a quick once over, dusting for fleas, and throw your clothes in the washing machine as soon as possible.

Fleas can seriously reduce your quality of life, but there is hope. Let our pros at Stat Pest Control work by your side to eliminate these and other pests and give you back control of your home. Call today, and we'll get to work for your immediately.