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What Fort Myers Property Owners Ought To Know About Tick-Borne Diseases

March 11, 2023

Thriving wildlife in our region attracts humans and critters alike, and with that comes an increased chance of tick-borne disease transmission. The lone star tick, deer tick, and other species are known to carry Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and other illnesses that can make pets and humans very sick — even if you don't live in the woods! 

Here's what property owners in Fort Myers need to know about ticks in Fort Myers, tick-borne diseases, and Fort Myers pest control services. Tick-borne diseases can be very dangerous, and that's why contacting a Stat Pest Control is the way to go. 

How Common Ticks Get Around

Ticks are a common nuisance in Fort Myers, and they can pose a significant health risk to property owners. Property owners must take precautions to protect their families and pets from these dangerous illnesses. 

The most common way for ticks to get around is through their hosts – animals like deer, birds, and rodents. Once these animals become infected with a tick-borne disease, they can spread it to other hosts. In addition, ticks can travel from host to host on their own. Therefore, even if there are no animals on your property, it's still essential to be aware of the risk of tick bites in Fort Myers.

The Diseases Ticks Are Capable Of Spreading

Ticks are common in the Fort Myers area and reside in wooded, grassy, and bushy areas. They can carry and transmit several dangerous diseases, including rocky mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and ehrlichiosis. All these can be detrimental to your health if contracted, so taking the necessary steps to protect yourself from tick bites in Fort Myers is essential.

By talking to a pest control company and being aware of the risks associated with tick bites in Fort Myers, you can minimize your chances of contracting a tick-borne disease.

Five Easy Tips To Prevent Ticks Around Your Yard

Tick-borne diseases are rising in Fort Myers, and property owners need to take several steps to protect themselves and their families from these potentially serious health threats. Fortunately, there are several easy tips to reduce the risk of tick bites in your yard. These steps can only reduce the risk. Hiring a pest control company can help you completely get rid of them. 

Some of the most vital actions you can take include:

  1. Regularly inspect your body and clothing for ticks after spending time outdoors. While wearing light-colored clothing and tucking pants into socks can help prevent ticks from attaching themselves, a thorough inspection is still necessary. If you find a tick, it needs to be safely removed using tweezers.
  2. Use tick insecticides containing permethrin on your clothing and camping gear. Permethrin kills ticks and other insects on contact, helping to prevent them from attaching themselves or transmitting diseases.
  3. Keeping your yard free of leaf litter and wood piles can also help limit the number of ticks in your area. Baby ticks thrive in moist, shady environments and seek shelter in these places. 
  4. Cleaning up any standing water or high grass can also make your yard less hospitable to ticks.
  5. Finally, suppose you are concerned about ticks in your yard. In that case, you may consider having a pest control expert come and treat your property with an insecticide specifically designed to kill ticks. This will help reduce the number of ticks in your area and further reduce the risk of tick bites in Fort Myers.

These simple steps can help save you and your family from the risks of tick-borne diseases. But still, there is a chance that ticks will invade your house in Fort Myers. That's why contact Stat Pest Control to help you completely get rid of these pests. 

The Trick To Total Tick Control For Your Yard

Ticks are a common problem in Fort Myers, and property owners must take proper precautions to protect their families and pets from potential tick-borne diseases. While no one wants to deal with these blood-sucking parasites, it's essential to be aware of the dangers of tick bites in Fort Myers and understand how to protect yourself and your property from them. 

With the right tick protection plan, you can enjoy outdoor space without worrying about these pesky pests.

If you are concerned about tick bites, it's best to contact a pest control professional in Fort Myers. Our professionals at Stat Pest Control in Fort Myers can apply safe and effective tick insecticides to your lawn and perimeter to help protect your family from the diseases caused by ticks. So, if you are worried about ticks in your yard, contact a Stat Pest Control professional for advice and the best pest control services.