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Why You Should Call The Pros About Cockroaches In Your Fort Myers Home

November 11, 2022

Fort Myers, Florida is a beautiful city with access to waterways that allow people to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and snorkeling. Once the sun goes down on your fun-filled daylight activities, the city’s wealth of living accommodations offers a place for some well-needed respite. While people in Fort Myers might be ready to rest, local cockroaches have just begun their nightly routines within homes. Without pest control in Fort Myers, homeowners might find this disgusting pest scurrying around when they least expect it.

Common Types Of Roaches Found In Fort Myers

Cockroaches in Fort Myers are some of the hardiest insects in the world. While over 70 different species roam the United States, only a few tend to make a nuisance of themselves. Fort Myers residents typically encounter American and German cockroaches inside their homes. American cockroaches are large (11/4 to 2 1/8 inches long); their flat, oval body typically sports a reddish-brown coloration with a yellow figure-eight on the back of their head. These critters enjoy dark, moist, and warm regions of homes. Since cockroaches like the sewers, they often use them to access homes; when they spread out, they typically head to laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

German cockroaches are the most common cockroach to enter homes. They are smaller (1/2 to 5/8 inches long) than the American cockroach and have flat, oval bodies with a tan coloration; two (almost parallel) dark lines rest on their backs. German cockroaches like warmth and humidity; the nearer they are to a moisture source, the better. Kitchens and bathrooms are their favorite places to operate. While it is true that most cockroaches creep people out because of their looks, people should be more concerned about the health hazards they introduce into homes.

How Cockroaches In Your House Can Make You Sick

Like pigs, cockroaches are in their “happy place” when they wallow in filth. As cockroaches crawl through the slime of this world, they pick up germs on the spines attached to their legs. When they enter homes, the filth on their legs and body brushes on surfaces and foods. Their feces, saliva, and urine have allergen proteins that aggravate people with allergies; asthma attacks (especially in children) are common when cockroaches are abundant. Cockroaches bring severe health consequences to homeowners because they spread over 33 different bacteria.

Several diseases cockroaches cause when they spread bacteria include:

  • Cholera
  • E. coli infection
  • Salmonellosis
  • Giardia
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid fever
  • Listeriosis

Cockroaches are also known to transmit seven types of human pathogens and six different kinds of parasitic worms. When you have an invading pest that comes with such a laundry list of health hazards, it’s vital to remove cockroaches from your Fort Myers home quickly. Contacting a pest professional like Stat Pest Control for cockroach control in Fort Myers is always best.

Why Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control Often Fails

Nowadays, everyone is trying to pinch their pennies; we get it. Many cockroach-control products advertised on television, the Internet, or in stores claim to kill cockroaches fast, but don’t believe it. While zapping a few cockroaches with a spray may make you feel victorious in the short term, homeowners rarely think about the hundreds waiting in the background, ready to take their place. Other treatments like bombs may eliminate a few cockroaches in the room, but they rarely reach the others hiding throughout your home. Any cockroaches that get destroyed by do-it-yourself products can easily get replaced since female cockroaches lay around 40 eggs at a time.

When you consider it only takes about six weeks before her eggs hatch, another cycle of females is ready to begin breeding new generations of cockroaches in a short amount of time. Baits, foggers, pesticides, and acids can compound your woes, especially if curious children or pets eat or inhale poisonous products. Do-it-yourself products typically cause homeowners to continuously return to stores to repurchase additional pest control products that never eliminate their problem. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is by using a pest professional like Stat Pest Control; we offer pest treatments that get the job done right the first time and at a reasonable price.

Call The Pros To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Home For Good

When considering the most cost-effective way to solve your cockroach infestation, look no further than Stat Pest Control. Our trained technicians can locate cockroach hiding places and apply safe treatments for everyone in your home (except the cockroaches)! As a valued customer, you have our commitment to promptly respond to your call and professionally complete our pest removal task. Don’t delay; call Stat Pest Control today for a free estimate and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Fort Myers.