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Cockroach Facts That Fort Myers Residents Wish Were Untrue

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In Fort Myers, cockroaches are an ever-present issue. They commonly enter structures, impact human health, and damage property. The reason they're such a problem is that the climate in our region of the country is perfect for roaches. When these insects come into your yard, they can find their way into your home, and it is not good to have cockroaches in your home. Join us today as we discuss cockroach facts we wish were untrue and how these facts can help you locate cockroaches, drive cockroaches out, and keep them out of your Fort Myers home. If you need assistance with professional cockroach pest control in Fort Myers, keep in mind that you can always jump over to our contact page and reach out to us. The Stat Pest Control team has the training and experience to resolve your roach control problem. With that said, let's dig in and look at how to get rid of cockroach infestations by addressing the factors that inspire infestations. 

Cockroaches Are Nocturnal

While disturbing, wouldn't you prefer to see cockroaches and know that they are in your home rather than have them lurking about in the shadows? Unfortunately, most pest cockroaches are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. If you work during the day and sleep at night, you'll likely fail to see cockroaches until you have a significant infestation. That means the roaches in your home can impact your health and damage your property long before you see them.

What will a nocturnal cockroach do in your home? There are many ways these insects can impact your life without you knowing it.

  • Cockroaches can cause routine stomach illness when they crawl around inside your home at night. They are attracted to filthy things, and their feet, exoskeletons, and feces are all sources of contamination. If you find a cockroach in your home, you need to know that it is not a clean insect. They leave invisible organisms as they crawl across dishes, counters, cutting boards, silverware, and toothbrushes.
  • Cockroaches eat cellulose in paper products and may damage wallpaper, documents, or clothing at night. Are you finding unexplainable damage? Do you think you may have silverfish or clothing moths? Roaches might be the culprits.
  • Cockroaches hide in dark spaces during the day. One zone they're often found inhabiting is ductwork. In your ducts, cockroaches leave feces and shed their skins. These materials can dry and become airborne. For most people, these particulates cause respiratory irritation, but those who suffer from asthma can have a serious reaction requiring hospitalization.

We wish it wasn't true, but cockroaches prefer darkness and sneak about Fort Myers homes doing things they shouldn't. We strongly recommend taking steps to find signs of cockroach infestation in dark secluded spaces and clean these areas. If you continue to see activity, contact a licensed professional.     

Cockroaches Can Adapt To Many Different Environments

Wouldn't it be nice if cockroaches were easy to eliminate? The unfortunate truth is that they have adaptive abilities that allow them to survive, even in hostile environments. They are so adaptable that modern roaches are almost super roaches compared to their ancestors. Their genetic adaptation is quite impressive. Here are a few examples:

  • When a cockroach nymph is exposed to a harmful substance and survives, it sheds its skin and creates a new skin that will provide better protection from that substance. Many modern roaches are born with some resistance to cockroach control products used on their ancestors. It is also possible for the roaches in your home to become resistant to the products you use. The result of this adaptation presents a threat to you because they can pass over treated areas, pick the harmful materials up, and carry them to sensitive areas. Professionals fully understand this relationship and use products and methods to prevent contamination.
  • Cockroaches work together to find food sources that are safe to eat. When a food source is dangerous, such as cockroach bait, they learn to avoid it. But it goes beyond a behavioral response. Some cockroaches have genetically altered tastebuds that find the sweet component of common cockroach baits bitter. Certain species of German cockroaches have this genetic trait, which is why professional German cockroach treatments are so complicated.
  • Cockroaches can survive for as long as a month without food and can tolerate food scarcity much better than many other insects. So, it is hard to drive cockroaches out of your home by protecting food sources. Not to mention the fact that they eat things that aren't food to us, such as hair, dead skin, toothpaste, glue, wallpaper, documents, clothing, and more. You're not going to have any success trying to starve cockroaches.       

These facts reveal the robust nature of pest cockroaches and show why they are so hard to control. Licensed technicians have field-tested strategies to test the success of baits and evaluate the overall success of cockroach treatments. There is no silver bullet to stop pest roaches. 

Cockroaches Leave Chemical Trails In Their Feces

We want to apologize in advance. The following fact is a bit unsanitary, and we're sure you'll wish it wasn't true. A primary reason cockroaches get into your home is that they are drawn to the feces of cockroaches that entered before them. Recent studies conclude that cockroach droppings contain aggregation pheromones. That is a fancy term that simply means: feces have a smell that makes roaches want to congregate. But the smell is not just a pheromone. There is another component that you should understand. Cockroaches raised in germ-free cages tend to avoid the feces of other roaches. So, the bacteria that cockroaches acquire when eating decaying organic matter is translated to their feces by way of their guts, and it communicates to other roaches that preferred food sources are available in the area—namely, rotting food. Yup. Roaches will take a rotten food source over a fresh food source any day of the week. So, keeping a clean house will not only help to prevent roach-related sickness but also deter cockroaches from congregating in your home. Do you see how this fact (while certainly gross) is important to understand? Pheromones play a role, but not nearly as much of a role as bacteria.

Some pest roaches are greatly impacted by clean environments. Oriental cockroaches (those are the black ones) rarely remain in clean indoor spaces. They much prefer to hide under exterior trash receptacles or live inside sewer pipes. Keep that in mind the next time you see one of those ugly, shiny roaches.        

DIY Cockroach Prevention Often Fails

It would be nice if DIY cockroach prevention was simple. The unfortunate truth is that it isn't. As we already pointed out, cockroaches hide in dark voids, avoid dangerous foods, develop a resistance to control materials, survive long periods without food, and eat a surprising variety of foods. But the primary reason DIY cockroach prevention fails is that it falls short of being enough. What do we mean? We mean, you need to apply a multipronged strategy. You can't just lay a bait down and expect to stop the roaches in your home. You can't apply a topical treatment and expect to get to where roaches are hiding. You can't lay traps and catch all the roaches in your home. While all of these methods have some application, they don't get the job done on their own. Effective cockroach prevention consists of some or all of the following:

  • A detailed inspection to evaluate roach activity, conducive conditions, potential routes, and other factors of infestation 
  • Selection of appropriate baits
  • Evaluation of bait success
  • Application of liquid treatment products to the exterior
  • Evaluation of barrier treatment success
  • Sanitation to remove food options and reduce aggregation
  • Exclusion work to create physical barriers to deter cockroach entry
  • Evaluation of other possible entry routes, such as German cockroach infestations that begin with these pests hitchhiking into the home within couches, chairs, or beds.

Cockroach control is a scientific process that counteracts the natural defensive behavior pattern of pest roaches. It is supported by technical analysis of the treatment strategy. When all else falls short, a total structure solution may be the only option. A licensed professional that performs tent fumigation, like the pros at Stat Pest Control, can provide this level of control. A tent fumigation is like flicking a reset switch. One day you have cockroaches, the next day you don't. Once your infestation is arrested, your licensed professional can guide you toward an ongoing solution to prevent future infestation (and the cost of future fumigation services). 

If you're in Fort Myers, Florida, reach out to Stat Pest Control to discuss your options. We can guide you toward the right solution for your needs and budgetary constraints. Cockroaches are rarely easy to control. German cockroaches are the worst. Get professional service and complete control by connecting with us today. You can reach us by phone or you can drop us a line on our contact page for assistance. We're here to help.