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Commercial Pest Control In Fort Myers, FL

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Reliable Pest Control For Your Business

Pests are more than a minor inconvenience. In a business or commercial setting, they can be frustrating, destructive, and in rare cases, even dangerous. You need immediate services to protect your reputation and your bottom line. However, traditional pest control companies aren't always equipped to help.

At Stat Pest Control, we understand this need for speed on a personal level. As a small, family-owned pest control company in the Fort Myers area, we've dealt with South Florida pests since our company began. That's why we specialize in quick, effective commercial pest control services that can get your business back on track STAT!

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What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Service

At Stat Pest Control, we believe pest management services should be quick, efficient, and to the point. We begin with detailed inspections of your property and building, then have a one-on-one chat to learn more about your pest problems and personal insights. We want to familiarize ourselves with your unique situation by checking specific areas around your building, then observing other locations where pests may pose a problem.

Our inspection process checks the interior and exterior of your business and will include actions such as:

  • A walk around the foundation.
  • Physical IDs of pests.
  • Evaluations of droppings, chew marks, and entry points.
  • Checking conducive conditions and places of concern.
  • Kitchen, bathroom, and hot spot inspections.

All our findings are reported in detail after the inspection process is complete. We don't believe in beating around the bush and provide custom-tailored suggestions based on our findings and your industry guidelines.

Stat Pest Control understands that no two businesses ever look alike. For this reason, each pest infestation will be different and may require a different approach to long-term management. We proudly adjust our interior and exterior treatments to address any unique needs and always customize our visit frequency to meet your schedule.

Once we book you on our commercial pest control roster, we can begin pest services STAT. Our pest control treatment approaches include:

  • Products we apply around the foundation.
  • Treatments in cracks, crevices, and entry points found during the inspection.
  • Removing spider webs around the exterior.
  • Interior treatments during our initial service.

To keep your customers, clients, and stakeholders as safe as possible, our team only provides interior treatments on an as-needed basis. Just let us know if any problems arise, and our team will be ready to help!

Facilities We Service


Sensitive environments like hospitals need extremely high-quality pest products. Rely on Stat Pest Control for safe and effective services that work alongside your patients.

Office Buildings

Pests in the office are more than just an annoyance. Protect your business with effective, fast, and safe pest management services.


Maintain a pest-free environment to keep customers coming back. Let Stat Pest Control minimize pests so you can maximize profits.


Pests in the classroom are a big no-no for both students and their learning objectives. Keep your students safe with effective pest management services from Stat Pest Control.

Storage Facilities

Your storage facility needs to be safe and clean at all times. Keep it that way with regular pest control treatments from Stat Pest Control.


No warehouse is truly exempt from potential pest activity. Rely on Stat Pest Control to keep your property safe.

Why Choose Stat Pest Control?

Since 2018, Stat Pest Control has held the unwavering commitment to provide a higher degree of excellence than any of our competitors.

Our company is one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in South Florida. We provide:

  • Same-day services that protect your business with speed and quality.
  • Safe and effective pest control products.
  • A strong belief in customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible scheduling that works around your business lifestyle.
  • Free estimates and zero-cost inspections.

Stat Pest Control doesn't want to be just another commercial pest control company. Instead, we want to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering services that truly make a difference.

Join our commercial pest control roster today by contacting our office now.

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When it comes to the success of your business, don't leave anything up to chance. Rely on the pest control experts at Stat Pest Control to keep your commercial facility free of pests.

It's easy to get started with Stat Pest Control. Get a free estimate by calling or filling out an online contact form to learn more about our commercial and residential pest control services. Rest assured that our team will get on it, STAT!