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Fire Ant Control In Fort Myers, FL

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Keeping Fire Ants Off Your Fort Myers Property

Living in Florida has many advantages. The Sunshine State lives up to its name most of the time, and even though our summer temperatures can be a bit brutal, the rest of the year more than makes up for it. While millions of people have realized what a great place Florida is to live, it’s not just humans who love to call Florida home. Many pests spend their lives here, often making life more difficult for home and business owners in the process.

Fire ants are one species of pest that are a problem in Florida. Although they aren’t native to Florida, fire ants in Fort Myers have become common pests. They are pests you need to be aware of and on the lookout for throughout the year, especially in summer and early fall. Finding a fire ant mound in your yard or discovering fire ants in your house is a serious cause for concern and should be addressed by the professionals at Stat Pest Control.

Why Are Fire Ants A Problem On Your Fort Myers Property?

Understanding a few things about fire ants can help you understand your need for fire ant control for your Fort Myers home if you discover them in or around your house. First, there are several differences between fire ants vs. red ants. Fire ants are a species of red ant, but not all red ants are fire ants. Fire ants are reddish-brown and typically much more aggressive than their red ant cousins.

The main problem with a fire ant infestation in or around your Fort Myers home is the danger of fire ant stings. Fire ants create large dirt mounds as they build their underground nests. If someone disturbs one of those mounds, hundreds or even thousands of fire ants will immediately swarm to defend their home. They first bite the intruder in order to take hold of them, then sting them with a painful sting. A red welt that turns into a white pustule then appears at the site of the sting. Although one of these stings is bad enough, it’s far more likely that you’ll end up with dozens or potentially hundreds of them. For someone allergic to bug bites, these stings can be a serious health concern or even turn fatal.

In addition to fire ants being harmful to your health, they are also a problem for your house. If they get into your home, they’re likely to spend their time around your electrical wiring, and can cause short circuits and other issues.

Our Fort Myers Fire Ant Control

If you’ve found signs of fire ants on your property, Stat Pest Control offers the services you need to eliminate them. Having professional fire ant control for your home is important because the experts at Stat Pest Control can get at the root of the problem by removing the reproducing queen. Most DIY fire ant control treatments only treat the symptoms of the problem, which may drive fire ants away for a little while, but also ensures that they return with a vengeance.

When you contact Stat Pest Control for fire ant control services, we’ll inspect your property to identify the areas where fire ants are active. We’ll treat the mounds with a granular product to eliminate the colony.

Our fire ant control service is typically a quarterly service, depending on the severity of the infestation on your property. Regular treatments ensure that the infestation is completely taken care of and that fire ants don’t return. We also include this service in our general pest control service.

Protecting Your Fort Myers Property From Fire Ants

If fire ants are on your property, you need the best fire ant killer for your Fort Myers home to ensure the protection of your family. Stat Pest Control delivers the fire ant treatments you need to keep your lawn, home, and property free of dangerous fire ants. Contact us today to schedule your fire ant control service.